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Major Employer Transit Service (METS) Plan

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Improving accessibility and the connection between employers and Orange County’s workforce is a goal of Transit Orange. In an effort to better understand employee travel patterns, transit demand, and identify opportunities to improve public transportation to the County’s largest employers the Major Employer Transit Service (METS) Plan was conducted. Some of the employers who were studied include but not limited to: Garnet Health Medical Center, Crystal Run, Woodbury Common, SUNY Orange, and the Galleria Mall, as well as the recently opened LEGOLAND theme park in Goshen and the Amazon Fulfilment Center in Montgomery. As part of this effort, the project team reviewed current public transit services, examined temporal and geographic gaps, and analyzed what service options would work best for each employer and its employees. Download a PDF of the final METS plan by clicking the link below.

Download PDF • 1.21MB

Access to Transportation Options

The METS Plan aims to provide access to transportation options that will connect people to their jobs. It is more cost-efficient than using a personal vehicle and supports economic growth and development in Orange County. The Plan provides recommendations of transit improvements and options, as well as strategies that will help with putting these plans in place.

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