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West Central Transportation and Land Use (TLC)

The West Central Transportation and Land Use (TLC) Study is a project focused on examining the transportation connections throughout the western half of Orange County.

We assessed these transit connections and their needs, using the following means:

  • Travel Demand We measured travel demand using location-based services (LBS) data that was gathered from cell phone app data.

  • Accessibility Our measure for accessibility was the factor of residents or jobs within ½ mile of the bus route service in Middletown.

  • Equity We defined equity in terms of how many low-income residents, senior citizens, and individuals with disabilities can access the transit system.

  • Operational Characteristics The transportation services are characterized by the areas they serve (including bus route services and dial-a-bus services), travel times, and the number of transfers between origins and destinations.

Studying Data and Patterns

We also took a look at Origin-Destination patterns and compared them to demographic and existing transit data.

The study found that there are gaps within the transit services: both in terms of the geography of the land itself, and the timing of the buses. We also included recommendations for next steps, to address current and future needs of this public transportation system.

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